How many dental procedures do I have to have?

Case Study: Before Treatment

In the image below you can see that the patient’s front tooth had snapped. This patient had a number of concerns about getting dental implants. The biggest concern he had was that he would have to undergo a number of procedures – first to remove the broken tooth and then to have the implant placed. 

Tooth snapped before 1

The patient was also worried this would prolong the treatment time. This is because he was keen to have a tooth in place as soon as possible as he wasn’t getting on with his temporary denture. The fantastic equipment we have at North Cardiff Dental & Implants allows us to take a 3D scan of the area. Therefore we can plan to provide treatment all in one day. The tooth was removed and replaced in the same day. This not only sped up the treatment time, but it also meant that this patient did not have to undergo multiple procedures to have the implant placed.

As you can see in the image below, the tooth is snapped and there’s not really much of it left. There is a little bit of tooth left above the gum line. No dentist would be able to build that back up into a full tooth. However the gum is nice and healthy, and healthy gums are a big part of us being able to do fewer procedures.

tooth snapped before 2

Case Study: After Treatment

The photo below shows the end result and we’re sure you’ll agree it looks brilliant.

tooth snapped after implant
Photo C

The image below shows a slice of the 3D scan we took. The white areas are the roots of the teeth. Bone surrounds these roots and the dark black area is an infection. The blue colour is our planned placement of a dental implant. This sits in the good tissue around the infected area and tooth.

dental implant 3d scan

The photo below shows what we were able to achieve: a postoperative X-ray that shows the implant in place.

dental implant x-ray

In one appointment, this cosmetically acceptable new tooth replaced the broken tooth. This meant that this patient did not have to go through multiple surgeries or procedures.

tooth snapped before and after dental implant