Should I replace all of my teeth with implants?

Are you wondering, “should I replace all of my teeth with implants”?

Our general policy is that no prosthetic replacement is as good as a natural tooth!

Implants are the best replacement for a gap in your teeth. We believe in conserving natural teeth as much as we can.

It would be easier for us to remove teeth that are in the way and fill multiple gaps with implants and prosthetic teeth. However, as you can see in this specific case shown in the image below, we much prefer to keep the natural teeth and add teeth around them. This gives you the same appearance and function back without taking away any of you.

should I replace all of my teeth with implants

We believe in conserving as many natural teeth as we can, and this is always our top priority. However, in some extreme cases it may be necessary to replace multiple teeth or even a full set of teeth with dental implants or other forms of restorative dentistry.

For more information you can refer to our Replace All Teeth page of the website.

Each patient has individual needs based on their specific situation. During our initial dental implant consultation we will discuss all treatment options available to you. This may mean no treatment at all.

We will also discuss the patient treatment timeline. So we can estimate the time it will take to fully complete the treatment process from beginning to end.

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