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Facial Aesthetic Treatments and the Safety Considerations Involved

What are Facial Aesthetic Treatments? Facial aesthetic treatments are non-surgical cosmetic procedures used to enhance your natural beauty. They are usually applied to the face and/or lips. These treatments remove signs of stress and ageing, as well as accentuate your facial features in a natural-looking way. Facial aesthetic treatments are commonly offered in dental clinics, […]

Should I choose dental implants or dentures for missing teeth?

missing teeth

Dental implants vs dentures  “Should I choose dental implants or dentures for missing teeth?” This is a question that is frequently asked, that we are going to discuss. We are going to talk about what dental implants and dentures are. As well as going through the benefits of both of these treatments. Then, we will […]

5 Things To Know Before Having Tooth Whitening Treatment

Tooth Whitening

When a person wants their teeth to be lighter in colour, they will often choose to have tooth whitening treatment. Many people will also have their teeth whitened if they have staining on their teeth or if their teeth have become yellow over time. There are many different whitening procedures available, which your dentist will […]