My teeth are wobbly.

Wobbly teeth mean that you can’t chew or speak properly but the biggest problem is that it often knocks your confidence. We have patients that are really worried about their teeth and don’t know what’s going to happen with them.

Wobbly teeth are a result of gum disease which is genetic. However, there are also lifestyle factors that contribute to this. The biggest problem is that gum disease – which affects your teeth – can also affect your implants and if this is genetic, you are at a higher chance of having problems with your implants. That being said, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have implants! It means that we will do our best to try and protect your implants from gum disease. We design the prosthetics in a way that you can clean really effectively.

Cleaning is the number one way to fight gum disease!

We believe that if all your teeth are wobbly and need to come out, then one of the best ways to provide you with the quality of life you want is to replace all of those teeth in each jaw with four dental implants and link these with a milled bar. This bar provides your implant with stability, stays in your mouth and is really easy to clean, but he most important part of this is that we can clip on a removable implant retained denture that looks natural and gives you all of the confidence and chewing ability that you need.

This gives you a really nice natural smile! This will only come out when you want it to – when you unfasten it. It is really secure in place until YOU choose to take it out. 

Case Study: Wobbly Teeth

The picture below (photo A) shows an example of a patient who came in with wobbly teeth that were spaced out. She really wasn’t happy with her quality of life. In the after picture (photo B) you can see what we were able to achieve with the implant procedure.

Wobbly Teeth before dental implants
Photo A
wobbly teeth after dental implants
Photo B

Shown below is an image of the milled bar. There are four implants under there, sitting under the silver screws. The gold buttons are locators, which are like a jacket and have poppers on. This allows dentures to pop onto there.

wobbly teeth dentures
Photo C

As you can see in the image below, we make two identical dentures. You are able to see that the one on the left has a metal sleeve inside of it which grips the bar inside your mouth. The pink parts hold onto the locators (gold buttons) which gives you extra security. So what happens if something goes wrong with your main denture? We provide you with a spare denture, shown on the right. This looks the same but functions slightly differently.

spare dentures
Photo D

In the image below, you can see the dentures are next to each other. One has a female metal sleeve inside of it and the other doesn’t. That saves you the cost on the spare denture, but both look fantastic.

dentures for full set of teeth
Photo E

Below you can see the finished result from the patient with wobbly teeth. We can customise the colour and the shape of the teeth. We can take teeth that you can’t use, to teeth that function brilliantly and that you can clean, to keep gum disease away from your implants.

wobbly teeth solved by dental implants