Am I too old to have an implant?

Are there any age considerations to take into account when having a dental implant? Are you too old to have an implant? We use the case study below to discuss these questions.

Case Study: Am I too old to have an implant?

The patient in the image below had a fall which caused her teeth to become loose.

Am I too old to have an implant? Before

Her dentist tried to secure them with white dental fillings, but this didn’t help and eventually, the teeth became too loose to keep.

The patient was wondering if she was “too old to have dental implants” but we always say you are as young as you feel, and quality of life is important throughout your whole life.

Dental implants give you a quality of life that means chewing, speaking and socialising are as they would be with natural teeth. Additionally, restoring any missing teeth can bring back the confidence of a healthy smile, which can improve both the physical and mental health of a person.

The patient decided that dental implants were a good decision for her, and the below image shows the end result and she is thrilled.

Am I too old to have an implant? After

Our Verdict

Ultimately, the decision to have dental implants depends on each individual situation. It is our policy to try to keep as many natural teeth as possible. However, if a natural tooth has been lost or must be replaced we believe that dental implants are the best possible solution.

We believe that you are never too old to have a dental implant, as long as you are healthy enough to undergo the surgical procedure involved. It is never “too late” to restore any missing teeth and have a fully functioning set of teeth, with a wonderful smile!

On the other hand, what is the youngest age that we advise having a dental implant? Please read our case study “Am I too young to have a dental implant?” to find out!

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