Am I too young to have a dental implant?

What are the age considerations involved with having a dental implant? Are you too young to have an implant? What age are men and women ready to have dental implants?

These are common questions surrounding dental implants and the age recommendations involved.

We provide our expert opinion and show examples from a case study below.

Case Study: What age is too young to have a dental implant?

Some people are born without teeth – they can be congenitally missing; this is quite common. However, you shouldn’t have a dental implant until you have stopped growing.

For women, this is at the age of approximately twenty-two and for men this is at approximately twenty-three. Generally, we don’t place implants before these ages as they may end up in the wrong place when you finish growing.

Once you have finished growing, a dental implant is a really safe and effective way to replace a tooth. As you can see in the ‘before and after’ images below, it made a huge difference to this young lady’s smile.

Am I too young for a dental implant? Before and After implant


Our general policy is to try to preserve as many natural teeth as possible. We believe that dental implants are the best long-term solution in the unfortunate event of a missing tooth.

For age considerations, we recommend waiting until you have stopped growing to have a dental implant placed. For women, this age is approximately twenty-two and for men this is approximately twenty-three.

At the other end of the age spectrum, the question is often asked “am I too old to have an implant?”. We believe that nobody is “too old” to have dental implant, as long as they are healthy enough for the minor surgery involved. Visit our case study “Am I too old to have an implant?” to learn more.

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