What does a dental implant look like?

In this case study we will answer “what does a dental implant look like?” at different stages of the implant process. After our initial consultation we will schedule a procedure to insert an implant, upon which we will attach a “button”. During the healing process, usually two to three months, a temporary false tooth will be used. When everything is healed and ready a custom-made crown will be fitted to the implant and the tooth restoration will be complete.

For more detailed information on the dental implant timeline please refer to the Your Implant Journey page on our website.

What does a dental implant look like before and after treatment?

An implant needs a few months to heal before we load it with the final tooth. In the meantime, we often place a little “button” on the implant. This is the equivalent of a stud ear-piercing. It’s either flush with the gum or sticks out very slightly as you can see in the image below.

what does an implant look like? implant with a button

This allows you to wear a false tooth over the top of the “button” so you don’t have to go without any teeth there. This is just a temporary false tooth, as we allow two to three months for the healing process. In the meantime, a custom-made crown will be made to mimic the colour and shape of your existing teeth.

We will then replace the false tooth at the end of treatment with a custom made crown that attaches straight onto your implant, just like in the “after” image below.

what does an implant look like? implant with a crown

The crowns are designed to perfectly mimic the rest of your teeth in a natural-looking way. In most cases the new tooth is indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth. Our crowns are custom-made by Dental Excellence Laboratory in Shrewsbury, UK.

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