Why Should I Choose to go to North Cardiff Dental and Implants? 

Why Should I Choose to go to North Cardiff Dental and Implants? 

North Cardiff Dental & Implants is a private dental practice. You may be reading this and thinking “but what does it mean to go to a private dentist, and what does it entail?”. In comparison to NHS dental practises, private dentists will generally offer more treatments; in our case, we offer a range, varying from composite bonding to facial aesthetics and of course, dental implants! Our priority is ensuring that you get the best care possible and are happy with your experience. So what are some of the benefits of choosing us? 

Cutting Edge Technology 

We like our patients to rest assured that their treatments are done in the safest and most effective ways possible. That is why we use state of the art equipment and facilities. For air polishing, we use the EMS AIRFLOW, which is scientifically proven to gently but effectively remove staining, plaque and tartar deposits from the teeth. Another example is our ProMax 3D, Max Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), which is used in taking 3D X-rays of the jaw (with a small dose of radiation) to diagnose conditions and is very effective in planning dental implant surgeries. This is considered the gold standard in imaging techniques for dental implants.

These are just a few, among many of the innovative technologies we use. We are also proud to say that we are a Planmeca practice. This means that our technology comes from the global leader of healthcare technology. Planmeca offers the highest degree of quality and all of the products are made using the latest technology and best materials. 

Luxurious and calming environment 

We can’t speak for all private practises but we like to keep our patients as calm and relaxed as possible which begins the minute they walk through the door; by being greeted by our friendly receptionists, to our rainforest-like setting (we even have the sound and visual display of a waterfall!). Our patients deserve to feel the best, which is why we deliver on this promise by providing a calming and relaxed setting. 

Treatments built around you 

As we are a private practice, it means we have a longer amount of time to spend on our patients! We care about your decisions and we will listen to whatever your concerns are. Therefore, this is the forefront of all treatment journeys. Additionally, we can alter any areas of a specific treatment, to fit each person. If you are not happy with anything, we will work with you to come up with alternative solutions.

Team of professionals

We have a great team of clinicians, who specialise in particular treatments and procedures, which means that each staff member is experienced and educated in a chosen area. This means that patients are always given the best care possible, that is technically and surgically accurate and well informed. They really know what they’re doing! 

Thorough treatments

When undergoing each treatment, we will always give it the most thorough attention. This means we will take care and always make sure that the patient at hand is comfortable. We make sure that our general check-ups with patients are also undertaken in a thorough way. This is to ensure that we are spotting any potential dangers or problems.

So, there you have it – a few reasons why you should choose North Cardiff Dental & Implants for your dental treatment. If you’d like to book an appointment, just contact us here.