Why It Is Important To Have Regular Dental Check-Ups

Why It Is Important To Have Regular Dental Check-Ups

Regardless of what treatment or procedure you have, having regular dental check-ups afterwards is always important! This is also the case for general dentistry! Check-ups allow your dentist to evaluate how your teeth are developing and whether there are any potential problems. Having regular check-ups decreases the risk of any potential problems occurring later on. 

The time between check-ups can vary from 3 months to 1 year. This depends on how healthy your teeth and gums are and your risk of future problems. The following also applies to anyone who has false teeth. Even though you may not have natural teeth, it’s still important to see the dentist for regular dental exams. However it is important to note that these check-ups will be slightly different than general check-ups and will vary for each treatment you have had done. This is done to maintain oral health and the function of the replacement teeth. Even if a person has had treatment done on their teeth, there are still risks and problems that could arise. It is important they are looked after properly and treated in the same way, as normal teeth. 

Dental check-ups allow you to talk to your dentist about any discomfort or problems you are having in your mouth/gums. Dentists can offer their advice and give you some options to resolve the problem. A dental exam also allows your dentist to give you general advice on how to care for and maintain healthy teeth. 

Check-ups are there to ensure that your teeth and gums are as healthy as they can be! As well as checking that you don’t have any overall health problems such as diabetes or lupus. Signs and symptoms for these medical conditions can show up in the mouth first. A dentist may also use a dental exam to detect any problems in the mouth and if so, will make arrangements to treat/operate on those teeth as soon as possible (when they’re most treatable) so that the problem doesn’t spread and get worse over time. 

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