The Restoration Period

Dental Implants Cardiff, North Cardiff Dental & Implants Dental Practice in Rhiwbina

Following the healing period, typically 2-3 months, we will bring you in to evaluate the success of your implant surgery. Implant integration success rates in healthy non-smoking patients is in excess of 95% and it is at this stage that we are able to confirm whether your implants have integrated successfully. This may involve numbing the area with local anaesthetic before uncovering the implant and checking that it has successfully integrated.

At this stage we often take an impression of your top and bottom teeth, a record of your bite and some photos for the laboratory to use to give your final teeth a perfect finish. If you are having more than three teeth on implants then it is often necessary to bring you in for further measurements, maybe a few times, approximately 3 weeks apart. However with 3 or fewer teeth, it may be at the next appointment that we fit your final prothesis.

The restoration will feel similar to your natural teeth. It may feel different when first attached to your implant but you will quickly become used to the shape, size and texture of your prosthesis.

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