After your final teeth are fitted, it is essential that you look after your investment.

You will need a minimum of an annual check-up with a dentist who is comfortable monitoring implants, as well as quarterly hygiene visits. This can be arranged here should you wish, and more information on fees for this can be given to you. Maintenance of your implants and restorations is not included in the fee that you pay for your treatment.

Implants and restorations will require maintenance and/or possible replacement in the future. It is very important you take this into account when considering this treatment. It is best to make your decision on the assumption that you will need some form of maintenance of your implant and restoration in your lifetime – the younger you are, the more likely this will be.

Your new implants and restorations are guaranteed for 3 years, subject to annual check-ups with a dentist and quarterly hygiene visits. The guarantee covers any breakage or damage that is not caused by inappropriate use.

Your restorations will develop some wear and tear over time – after all, you will use them a lot! This is to be expected.


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