Excellent in every aspect

Excellent in every aspect, from the treatment to extremely friendly welcome in uber modern surroundings.
I have had many dentists over the years and I have always feared every dental appointment I had. I came across many dentists that have wrong approach and even worse, did not provide the right treatment. Until I came across Dr Aly Virani, who is not only an expert in his field of oral surgery dealing with complex cases, but has a holistic approach to his patients. He convinced me to extract three teeth during one appointment and despite my fear and apprehension, he managed to take me through the process in extremely calm and reassuring manner despite the complexity of my teeth extraction. Thanks to his expertise and holistic approach, my recovery was extremely quick to the surprise of everyone around me. I was very impressed with the aftercare as it’s not every day your dentist checks on your wellbeing the day after your procedure.
I also had a small cosmetic repair on my two front teeth with Dr Zara and once again I’m extremely pleased with the results as it brought my confidence back.
I’m going back for implants treatment after my orthodontic fix in few years time and I cannot imagine putting myself into hands of any other implantologist than Dr Virani.

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