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5 Things To Know Before Having Tooth Whitening Treatment

Tooth Whitening

When a person wants their teeth to be lighter in colour, they will often choose to have tooth whitening treatment. Many people will also have their teeth whitened if they have staining on their teeth or if their teeth have become yellow over time. There are many different whitening procedures available, which your dentist will […]

Best General Dentistry Practice: SME NEWS Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021

Award winning dental practice

We have won the Best General Dentistry Practice award at the 2021 Welsh Enterprise Awards. 2021 was an incredible year for North Cardiff Dental & Implants. We’ve rebranded and opened our brand new practice, grown our team, and now we’re excited and proud to announce we’ve also won an award. The Welsh Enterprise Awards, run […]

Why Should I Choose to go to North Cardiff Dental and Implants? 

Why Should I Choose to go to North Cardiff Dental and Implants? 

North Cardiff Dental & Implants is a private dental practice. You may be reading this and thinking “but what does it mean to go to a private dentist, and what does it entail?”. In comparison to NHS dental practises, private dentists will generally offer more treatments; in our case, we offer a range, varying from […]