My back tooth is missing and it’s difficult to chew

Case Study: “My back tooth is missing and it’s difficult to chew”

If your back tooth is missing, or you are missing multiple teeth, it can be difficult to chew properly. Some people have really nice big smiles but are missing some of their back teeth. This creates visible gaps when they smile. In this case study we will explore how dental implants can help solve problems caused by missing back teeth.

Replacing missing back teeth can restore the functionality of your teeth, allowing you to chew with a full set of teeth. Additionally, replacing these teeth can also improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. These changes can improve your confidence and overall physical and mental health.

How Dental Implants can Help Replace Missing Back Teeth

One of the best ways to replace these missing teeth is with a dental implant. The images below show the difference a dental implant can make.

Back tooth is missing. Replaced with implant
Back tooth is missing. Replaced with implant

This means there is no damage to the teeth on either side and the end result is a restoration that takes some of the weight off the bite. This means that less wear and tear is put on the rest of the teeth, which allows the patient to chew safely and effectively.

The dental implant will also be restored with a crown. The artificial crowns are specially designed to mimic the shape and colour of the natural teeth. In most cases, the final result looks identical to the rest of the teeth.

As shown in the case study above, dental implants are an excellent solution for any missing back teeth. Dental implants restore the functionality of any missing teeth, allowing the patient to chew properly. Furthermore, implants provide a natural-looking result which helps restore a healthy and confident looking smile.

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