Implants and Periodontitis: Should We Go There?

Implants and Periodontitis

Good morning everyone! We’ve had a really good morning at the practice today. We’ve given someone their bite and smile back. I have been writing a lecture on this type of treatment, which looks at the link between dental implants and gum disease. Gum disease can affect implants. We often see patients who have lost their teeth, or are losing their teeth to gum disease. These patients are looking for a way to replace their teeth that is reliable, and allows them to eat and smile and do all of the things that give them quality of life.

This talk is about how we treat and avoid gum disease, and how we can best protect patients from gum disease in the future. Part of this comes from the anatomical differences between implants and teeth, and how gum disease works around them. What is very important, and what we must bear in mind is cleaning. Cleaning is very important to prevent gum disease. Especially in these patients who are susceptible to gum disease.

Dental Implants and Periodontitis

We try to treat them in a way where we replace a set of teeth, or a jaw of failed teeth with four implants. We get these absolutely incredible Milled bars made by Createch Medical, in Spain. Milled bars are considered the gold standard because they are fixed into the mouth. They act as a really good anchor, to link the four implants together. These bars also act as an anchor for the removable dentures. We make these removable dentures with a spare identical set. These dentures are fixed in like real teeth, however they can also be removed for cleaning. So it’s the best of both worlds.

So this morning, this lovely patient left delighted. He can live his life again, thanks to the work done by Dental Excellence and Garren Fletcher- brilliant technician. And our very own Dr Aston Parmar, who has done the prosthetics for this case. We have hopefully changed someone’s life, which is exactly the type of thing that we live for, so we are delighted. This is a great start to the weekend for me, and I hope all of you have a lovely weekend too!